Parishkar College Alumni Association

An Incubatic Endeavour for Prospicing, Persevering, Persisting, Pioneering and Celebrating Alumnae


Our vision is to develop consistent and high quality relations among all members of PCGE community to create compassions and promote excellence.


The aspiring aspects that make PCGE's students and alumnae standout are their excellence, compassion, innovation, value and diversity.


Excellence is not just an achievement for PCGE and its entire community but it is also fostering its continuous creation of value on both personal and professional level.


The feelings of humanities in all PCGE's programmes and plans to prosper students, think, critically, develop compassionate reasoning globally in this strangled atmosphere around.


Innovation is one of the key missions of the institution as well as of the Association. Pioneering and creative thinking is a must to deal with the revolving world.


PCGE respect and is proud of the diversity of its Parivaar (students, faculty, staff and its alumnae). PCGE never discriminate on grounds of caste and creed, culture and colour, religion, sex or age for ours is the main objective to maintain the suitability of free exchange of ideas.


  • As a global association its prime objective is to propagate its values worldwide.
  • To deepen and strengthen the alumnae-connection and liaison with PCGE.
  • To inspire alumnae's life-long relations and contribute to the development of PCGE's prolonged programs and its purity.
  • To propel, prosper and identify alumnae achievements internationally.
  • To make identify globally PCGE's main motto of Vasudhev Kutumbkum.